A small selection of electrical products available from stock

diameter encoders, sensors, potentiometers Double Beam Halogen lamps
EMETA length and diameter encoders are durable and are in stock for most machines
Designed to meet high demands of the forestry machine user.
Sensors and potentiometers are also kept in stock
We hold Double Beam H3 in 12v & 24v Halogen lamps and various other types of lamps in stock. We also keep relays, bulbs, cabling and connectors for most applications.
Joy sticks, available for most forrest machines fuel pumps, clamps for battery, hose connection
Joy sticks are available for most makes of machines. Fully reconditioned ones are also available at competitive rates. Our fuel pumps are robust and long lasting. High capacity 60 ltr per minute. Clamps for battery, hose connection and suction strainer are included.
Other types of barrel pumps are available